Where: 11 St. Marks Pl.
Website: n/a

Tucked in between tons of other cultural restaurants, Udon West provides Japanese food that's made fast, serves generous portions, and is well worth the price. Japanese cooks prepare the food in front of you, a visual bonus that makes your mouth water in anticipation. The traditional Japanese elbow-to-elbow bar-style seating fits about 10-15 people at a time.

My personal favorite is the tempura udon combo with a side of gyoza. The combo comes with a healthy sized udon noodle bowl, deep fried tempura (broccoli, bell pepper, yam, and shrimp) with dipping sauce and a side of rice. Unlike other nearby noodle locations, the udon broth is not overly salty. The gyoza is the classic pork and chives concoction, fried in oil.

For those craving rice, I recommend the katsu curry. Choose from chicken or pork katsu, which is served on top of a bed of white rice and Japanese curry. This plate is perfect to share between two people or enough to bring home as left over's for the next day.

All this food for under $10, a slammin deal you can't beat. Open till 3:30 a.m. on the weekend.