Where: 328 East 14th St.
Website: artichokepizza.com

Artichoke is hard to miss because the line is so long. Rockers to hipsters to nerds to the elderly—the range of people varies greatly over the course of a single night. When the sun goes down, the wait can last from 20 minutes to sometimes 45+ minutes. Like many other late night eateries you'll be eating your slice standing, as there is no seating. Music by Bel Biv Devoe, Depeche Mode, and Metallica will entertain you while waiting in line to order. Prices start at $4.00 a slice.

Nearing the front, the choice of what to order becomes daunting. The eponymous Artichoke, the Crab, the Sicilian, or the Margherita? The winner here is the Sicilian. Biting the square shaped slice, you'll notice that the crust is thick but crunchy, oily but not soggy, and has perfectly burnt edges. The tomato sauce is tangy, surrounded by a skillfully blended two layers of cheese and olive oil. Fresh green basil tops off the slice, making the Sicilian the complete package.

If you like your pizza on the creamy and super cheesy side, opt for the Crab and Artichoke slices. Looking like a heart attack on a paper plate, these slices will defiantly soak up all the alcohol in your system. Perfect if you don't want that next day hangover.

Open till 3 a.m.