Considered one of the worst movies ever made, Plan 9 From Outer Space is a ridiculous Z-flick from the '50s that could have only come from the mind of notorious hack director Ed Wood. Featuring zombies, aliens, and a budget that was dwarfed by most Bar Mitzvahs at the time, Plan 9 also happened to be one of the first movies to ever cast a pro wrestler in a role.

Tor Johnson was a Swedish grappler of little acclaim, but his lumbering mannerisms and unintentionally funny facial expressions had audiences wishing that he went back to the dimly lit arenas that birthed him. In Wood's flick, Johnson plays a police officer turned zombie; however, with Plan 9, it doesn't matter who played who because odds are the respective performance is awful, anyway. It's tough to stand out as exceptionally bad in a movie as dreadful as Plan 9, but Johnson does it easily and without really saying a word.