We never played the original American McGee’s Alice (hey, we’re just being honest). But since this sequel took about a decade to make, we’re inclined to remember the Duke Nukem Forever fiasco. No, we’re just kidding. Alice: Madness Returns is a far stretch from the embarrassment that was DNF. The problems in this one are it’s unnecessary length, and the lackluster combat. Even visually the game seems to have seeped into a rushed development, and the glitches start to run rampant as the levels progress. It’s not a bad game by any means. But if Spicy House had taken a more time play-testing and refining the action-adventure game, all those scant beautiful moments (like the aerial platform built from a deck of cards) wouldn’t have seemed so, well, scant. While it certainly wasn’t a bad game, more development time would have definitely helped Alice in her returning madness.