Song: "Assassination Day" (1996)

"Assassination Day" begins with the elaborate double cross committed in The Usual Suspects (1995) by the mysterious and manipulative Keyser Soze. Engaging both for what's said and how it's said (Gabriel Byrne's fury and Alec Baldwin's brother's disbelief really sells this), the duped thieves on board the docked ship discover that the massive shipment of—well, why don't we just cut to the scene?

Dean Keanton (Gabriel Bryne): "There's no coke!" Michael McManus (Stephen Baldwin): "What!?" Keanton: "You heard me, you dumb fuck, there's no coke! I've been up and down this ship. I've been in every fucking room!" McManus: "There gotta be coke!" Keanton: "There is nothing!" (The sample "Help please!!!" from the animated Japanese actioneer Crying Freeman 1: Portrait Of A Killer (1988) is tacked on the end, and what do you know, it kills too.)