15. Ayanna Mackins

Show: Road Rules: Semester At Sea (1999)

Poor Ayanna. First, she's accused of voodoo by a fellow cast member, and then she finds out that a paper she wrote may have been plagiarized by a girl she hates. Tough break. But, luckily, Ayanna isn't one to just take that shit, and, almost like a true veteran of reality television, opts for confrontation to solve all of her problems.

In this instance, after reading Veronica's paper and noting the striking similarities between it and her own paper on the same subject, she goes to Veronica and asks her what's what. Really, really loudly.

Though it's never actually proven if Veronica plagiarized or not, she reacts like a guilty party and refuses to read the paper out loud because she "doesn't have to read it at all," and "knows it's her paper." Per Ayanna's heated requesthe even, swears that it's her paper as God is her witness! This still isn't enough for our girl A, though, as she then proceeds to run down the hallway to slip the paper under the dean's door, with Veronica chasing and screaming after her. Classic.