Sony insurer Zurich American is taking its qualms to court, claiming that it is not liable for any part of the hacking disaster that the company's PlayStation Network suffered. In the filing, representatives requested that a New York court judge rule that they be made exempt from paying for any claims asserted in the massive class-action lawsuits "by any state attorney general."

Regarding Sony's PSN breach, Zurich American says that the company only has paid for general cover insurance, which doesn't cover the fallout damage of cyber-warfare and digital attacks. Ouch! Should the lawsuit against Sony fail, the company has also mounted suits against several other Sony insurers to try and minimize its share of the damage costs.

After hackers broke into the PlayStation Network and compromised the personal and financial information of as many as 100 million account customers, Sony was forced to shutdown the PSN, and faced countless scrutiny from fans and critics alike. 

[via ComputerWorld]