Netflix revealed a new pricing strategy today that gives us the impression that CEO Reed Hastings is not ready to signal the death knell for DVDs. With over 120,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles being offered, the all-you-can-watch company looks to wrangle more dinero out of consumers who choose to rent optical discs instead of stream through a TV or PS3.

Currently the best brand in the business, outshining Hulu Plus in social streaming, Netflix's new subscription rates have been separated into their own tiers. It used to cost $9.99 to get one DVD at a time and unlimited streaming videos. Now you will pay $7.99 to enjoy streaming or one disc at a time, but having both will run you about $16 a month. It's not outrageous, but it remains to be seen how this shift will affect the catalogue of movies available via the physical and non-physical methods of delivery.

Netflix and Mr. Hastings should not get too greedy with going after the greenbacks, as video streaming company Zediva is trying to clip the giant's wings by offering a two-week digi-streaming of new release rentals at $2 a pop. Oh, and they don't need permission from the studios like Netflix does. How's that for some sweet justice?

[via /Film]

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