Photo of Marcus Samuelsson by Paul Brissman

A mere two days after we gather together to get shitfaced and set off illegal fireworks eat, drink, and celebrate our nation’s independence, we’re fortunate enough to have just cause to repeat the first portion all over again in honor of a lesser known, but equally dope holiday: National Fried Chicken Day. (Don’t believe us? Google it.) Sure, those tasty buckets might be one of the culprits behind our nation’s obesity epidemic, but just take a moment to meditate on a steaming plate of thick, juicy wings encased in a crunchy buttermilk shell. Those clogged arteries are worth every bite.

In honor of our favorite new holiday, we consulted two of the most badass foodies in the business, Marcus Samuelsson (of Top Chef and Red Rooster [310 Malcolm X Blvd.]) and Elizabeth Karmel (of poultry paradise Hill Country Chicken [1123 Broadway # 1] in NYC) for their favorite takes on the classic. Your bucket list just received a serious upgrade.

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