Keeping in the tradition of reviving the monolithic, reverbed-out synth structures of 1980s goth-pop stalwarts The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain and, at times, early Ministry, Cold Cave has established themselves as sort of a continuation of what The Faint did in the early 2000s. Hearts firmly sewed onto sleeves, hitches pulling into vocal deliveries at just the right points, dry snare drums relentlessly pummeling—it’s tribute done perfectly while at the same time blending a series of different aesthetics into something unique.

As their star rises, there’s more and more of a chance that this band’s sound could sink into the cavernous depths of stadium acoustics, so it’s worth a Saturday night to check them out in a place that won’t bury the intricacies of their arrangements. 

Cold Cave
Saturday, July 30
9 p.m.
Bluebird Theater
3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver
Tickets $15