No one likes working for a hard-ass CEO. Unfortunately, many get stuck being employed by people so self-interested and absorbed, so crazy and maniacal, and so disconnected from the day-to-day realities of the companies they run, that the workplace becomes something akin to what Dante was laying down. And all the while people stick with their jobs, either out of sheer enjoyment of their profession or out of fear of becoming part of the 9% unemployment rate. Dig into any industry and you'll find a history of horrible corporate leaders. The tech industry is no different. We're not talking about gifted and luminous CEOs whose quest for brilliance, at times, makes for prickly staff relations, like Steve Jobs. No, we're talking about people whose actions ruin empires and leave workers buried in the rubble. With the Seth Gordon-helmed Horrible Bosses hitting theaters today, we decided it was the perfect time to create a hit list of the most loathsome and shameful tech bosses of the past and present. From corporate crooks to front office bullies, here’s a look at the Worst Tech CEOs Of All-Time. 

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