Here's yet another show to add to your TiVo list: Big Rich Texas, a new Style Network reality program (which premiered last night) that follows a group of wealthy Dallas housewives.  According to one of the show's stars, it's superior than anything from seen from the rival Real Housewives franchise.

"We're better than that. I think that we are a more dynamic mixture," star Bonnie Blossman told E! Online. "We like to live out loud and I think, not only the backdrop being Dallas gives us a one up, but also just the mother daughter relationships... we have interactions between our daughters which are very genuine and real." Blossman later added that she has seen a few episodes of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, but, "it wasn't enough to hook" her.

But will Big Rich Texas include mechanical bull riding?

Maybe not (yet, anyway), but the first episode does include Bonnie herself trying to convince her daughter to get a tattoo removed (one that reads "c--t," we should add) in exchange for buying her lip injections. Stay classy, Texas!

[Via E! Online]