Anonymous has already claimed the likes of Google, Sony, the IMF, U.S. government contractors, and more as victims. Then the arrests came, as purported Anon members were detained globally, from Italy and Turkey to New York.

Thus, it isn’t very surprising that the group—the unabashed self-promoters that they are—have revealed themselves to be in possession of one gigabyte of NATO data on Twitter… but also their reluctance to publish it. It would “irresponsible,” they wrote. Or just self-incriminating.

On one hand, leaking the info would be right in line with everything they’ve done thus far during their anti-government #AntiSec campaign. They're after the overpowering, corrupt governing forces. But sometimes, like when it defends Libyan rebels as Gizmodo points out, NATO is one of the good guys.

[via Gizmodo]