T-Mobile G1

Year released: 2008

Just Blaze: "I'm not the biggest Android fan, but I respect it. I respect what it kind of stands for. What it stood for when it first came out as oppossed to know is two different things. Back then it was open source, anybody could do anything they want with it, it's an experiment, then T-Mobile comes out with the G1. I loved the premise of Android and that the app requirements were less stringent than what Apple was doing with the iPhone. However, along with that perceived openess comes a lot of dysfunction. That's why I feel that Android's biggest boon is also its biggest hinderance because you'll get an Android phone, every app looks different, there's a lot more jerkiness in the scrolling, some apps don't work on some Android phones. And being that they made the OS open for carriers and manufactuers to skin it however they want, a phone will get released with 2.0 and never get upgraded to 2.2 or 2.3. It'll be interesting to see how this all ends up because Google is now taking a more Apple-like approach now where they withhold certain things. They made their point. They now have the lion's share of the smartphone market. Now they have to reel it back in and do the right thing." 

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