25. Alienware M14x

Specs: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, Windows 7 Home,Nvidia GeForce GT555M, 8 GB of RAM, 750 GB Hard Drive
Price: $2,198
At 11-inches, the Alienware M11x was the smallest gaming laptop on the market. And while awesome, some found the little machine a bit too tiny for their fragging aspirations. In response, the Dell-owned gaming rig builder came out with the M14x: a rather bulky but insanely powerful portable rig that sports a clear and crisp 14-inch display. All the Alienware hallmarks are present: the comfortable and hardwearing keyboard, the ability to adjust and customize the backlighting, and awesome graphics (this time courtesy of the NVIDIA GeForce GT555M). Our only gripe with the M14x was its heft. In order to accommodate all of the previously listed goodies, the machine ended up tipping the scales at 6.4 pounds. Seems portability is open for interpretation.