The summer festival season isn’t very kind to your cell phone. First off, thousands of people in the same place trying to connect to the same cell phone signals usually means no one gets reception. And of course, there’s also that big problem of charging your phone in a big field of grass and mud.

However, Orange is on a singular crusade to enhance your mobile experience. Around Britain’s Glastonbury festival every year, the telecommunications compamy introduces a unique charging solution. 2008 saw the Dance Charge shoulder strap, which relied on your kinetic energy. The following year, Orange introduced the Power Pump, a foot pump that once again encouraged you to dance. And last year, Orange released the Power Wellies, boots that collect heat in the soles that’s then converted into electricity.

New for 2011 is the Orange Sound Charge—a t-shirt. Using piezoelectrics, the contraption is powered by sound vibrations. Thus, a close proximity to deafening speakers is suggested. Dubstep also recommended. 

[via Engadget]

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