With the departure of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from Dundler-Mifflin three episodes ago and the clear incompetence of his temporary replacement, Creed (a true “biznus” man), the search for a new manager of Scranton’s finest paper company began in last night’s finale of The Office. After meeting a myriad of candidates—and Dwight, a few times—the episode ended with, well, no new hire and more questions than any episode of Lost could have ever presented.

Though there were some familiar faces contending for the position (Kelly Kapoor, Andy Bernard, and Darryl Philbin), they seem to have their competition with the newcomers. There’s the creepy guy who’s probably a genius (James Spader), the variation of Raymond that nobody loved (Ray Romano), the neurotic zen-master with really shiny hair (Catherine Tate), the new boss of Vance Refrigeration (Will Arnett), the other Michael Scott (Ricky Gervais), the fingerlake enthusiast (Jim Carrey), and…Warren Buffett.

But, since they apparently can’t make up their mind yet as to who should assume control, who do you all think should be boss? Vote below!