9. GET LOW (2010)

Put any two actors in Get Low other than Bill Murray and Robert Duvall and you very well could’ve had 2010’s most boring flick. The plot is interesting enough, about an old, maligned hermit (Duvall) who decides to combat the local townsfolk’s condemnations by staging a “living funeral” that’s overseen by a slick con man/funeral parlor owner (Murray). That set-up, rich in black comedy potential, unfolds in an excess of talking and little doing.

With both Murray and Duvall in tip-top form, though, the slow and chatty Get Low is a prime example of actors uplifting an otherwise subpar script. Whereas Duvall is grizzled and stoic, Murray’s performance hits the perfect balance of outspoken charms and snake-like faults. Like 2003’s Lost In Translation, Get Low shows facets of Murray’s acting skill-set unseen in his various comedies.