If you thought a taco stand selling breakfast tacos all day was a novel idea, how about the same taco stand flipping product at three in the morning? Of course getting the breakfast tacos at Taco Selene (1700 East Sixth St.) would be missing out on the serious business of the stand. For $2, you get a taco with pretty much anything you want on it, though, a wonderfully nice and patient feature for a stand that caters to the drunk hoards of East Sixth.

The real winners are the lengue (tongue: you can trust me, or you can be afraid; up to you) and the beef fajita, which is surprisingly deep in flavor. Everything else is in danger of being drowned in the deliciously hot Jalisco style salsas they offer (which will make your drunk mouth go crazy) but that’s not the worst thing that can happen to a taco. Have a seat at the Grackle and they’ll even deliver it to you. And even after all that running around, the couple who work the truck are some of the nicest you’ll meet.