After watching the trailer for Salvation Boulevard, our immediate reaction was, "Was that supposed to be funny?" And, obviously, that's never a good thing.

Pierce Brosnan plays a shady pastor, Dan Day, who preaches to a crop of loyal followers, on of whom is Greg Kinnear's character, Carl, who witnesses Day murdering a professor (played by Ed Harris). From the musical undertone and exaggerated reaction shots, we're certain this is a comedy. But the humor feels stale and the rather impressive cast seems wasted.

Though, director George Ratliff's previous work (JoshuaHell House) didn't materialize much buzz, he's proven himself to be a solid filmmaker. Sadly, though, Salvation Boulevard hasn't received much warmth from critics thus far, but it did get picked up by IFC (most likely for its all-star cast) for a July 15 release.