Hollywood's move-makers are all reportedly in a tizzy over a script entitled Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses, which has ignited a contested bidding war. Warner Bros., Paramount, and Relativity Media have all made offers on the Matthew Aldrich-written script, but, according to Deadline, the Bugs Bunny studio is set to buy the script with Matt Damon pegged to both star and make his directorial debut.

Father Daughter Time centers on a man who's out on the lam and in the midst of a three-state crime spree while accompanied by his daughter.

While we have no idea what to expect from Damon's directing skills, it's good to see the sale of another script that isn't derived from a comic book or some already-made movie. Reportedly, the Beantown native has promised to retain the script's voice and work with Aldrich as a creative partner so we'll see if Father Daughter Time. Considering how good of a director Damon's buddy Ben Affleck has become (see the devastating Gone Baby Gone and last year's electric The Town), we're optimistic about this one.

[Via Deadline]

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