While Amazon is reportedly working on bringing an Anrdoid tablet to market, Kobo, the Borders-backed e-reader is focusing on refining its rproduct range with its all-new eReader Touch Edition

Announced at Book Expo America, the new Touch Edition is the cheapest, slimmest, and lightest Kobo Reader made so far. The touchscreen comes courtesy of Zeforce and rocks with new Pearl eInk technology for clear, crisp lettering and detail. Pages are made to render and turn quickly thanks to a Freescale i.MX507 processor. Typing is accomplished via a virtual keyboard.

 It's on track to launch next month in black, silver, blue, and white for $130.  The old Kobo readers will drop down to $99, making it an extremely affordable e-reader for those looking to ditch paper. 

[via Engadget]