As a kid, you probably didn’t even know—or care—that NES’ Metal Gear was from Japan. All you know was it was a game, it had great grammatical translations (“I feel asleep”), and it was fun. So in all likelihood you had no idea that a young buck designer named Hideo Kojima had just laid the first true cornerstone of his legacy.

People don’t typically buy a game based on the producer’s name, though there are a few stars who can make that claim—Peter Molyneux, Ken Levine, Tim Schafer, Will Wright. The thing is, none of those guys are truly mad geniuses like Hideo. His games always contain some amazing nugget of lunacy, usually in the form of expositional monologues about human nature. Or, uh, incest. In light of Hideo’s promotion last month to VP at Konami Digital Entertainment, we wanted to pay homage to seven of his lesser known games that still bear his left-of-center signature. None of which, believe it or not, are stealth related. We know!

By Ryan Woo

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