2. First Person FTW

The temptation to minimize or pull entirely out of the first-person perspective for dramatic effect during cutscenes and setpieces is obvious—most shooters do it for the introduction and finale at the very least. The Darkness II not only avoids that, but takes great pains to make the first-person experience as dynamic and immersive as possible.

During our demo, we crawled through broken glass, got dragged along the floor of a restaurant, and—most disturbingly—saw ourselves tortured, beaten and crucified. All of this made for a riveting and immersive experience, and we can only hope the rest of the game follows the example of our hands-on.

The downside of this? We never got a really clear idea of what Jackie looks like when he's in full-on shadowy demon mode—something we're sure is pants-wettingly impressive, judging from the terror on the faces of the enemies we savaged.