We've now reached the ultimate conclusion on our journey through white ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo: emo. Before, we witnessed flailing at multiculturalism via LED margarita glasses and ironic dances for tacos; now we've reduced Cinco de Mayo to absolutely nothing. Here it functions literally as empty words in the title of a song whose lyrics actually include the phrase, "and the clocks are broken, leaking time." Those are real words a person wrote and then sang over shiny guitar sounds.

Kenotia's video commentary:

:07 - I mean, water is such a fluid symbol, so clearly the lake where we had my sweet sixteen was going to be very important. The themes we're working with, they're very wrapped up in the lake. That should all feed into how you understand the song. Intertextuality is really, really important to our band. We're actually thinking of calling the next album that. That, or Unnotice Me, Heart Scars.

:30 - Lyrics about clocks, show images of clocks—no brainer, really.

1:21 - We're showing you a literal hour glass. This way even our deaf listeners can understand that we're singing to them about how "the clocks are broken, leaking time." (So proud of that lyric!!!)

1:52 - At this point, we're singing, "Where are you going?" So when she slows on the path (such a heavy symbol, obs) and tilts her head, you're supposed to get that she's thinking, "Where am I going?"

2:25-2:42 - Now this part might lose some of our listeners and we're totally cool with that. We're artists, so this is what we do. And some people won't get that. The Scrabble letters are scattered in the sand. If you haven't had AP English 11 and read The Waste Land it probably won't make much sense to you. But that's art, you know?

3:00 - She has to get into that shack. If you don't get why by now...

3:33 - Obviously she returns the necklace, which represents how her dad dropped her off late to Cotillion that autumn afternoon, and also represents how she broke her purity promise with nosering guy. Go back and watch from the beginning. It's all there.