Oh how we’ve missed reporting on the latest Catherine news.  Atlus’ bizarre erotic horror adventure game will be releasing in the U.S. on July 26.  The deluxe “Love Is Over” edition of the game contains some truly unique bonuses, such as white and pink polka-dotted boxers, a t-shirt worn by one of the characters and a pillowcase with Catherine sprawled on it in a tantalizing position.  All of this swag is served up in a Stray Sheep pizza box making it one of the quirkiest collections of gaming loot to date.  For folks who pre-order either version of the game there is an 11-track CD and a 36-page art book for your enjoyment.  The deluxe edition will set you back $79.99, but hey it includes clothing, a perverted pillow case and a pizza box!  What more could you ask for? [via Game Informer]