Scientists and researchers all over the world have been working to bring flexible displays to the masses. So far, though, the success has been anything but. However, a group of researchers in Canada believe they have figured out a way to finally put flexible displays into the hands of many: by incorporating the technology into a smartphone. 

Called the PaperPhone, has a 3.75-inch display based on E-Ink, the tech that powers the Amazon Kindle and a bunch of other e-readers, and is, as you can guess, paper thin. The benefits are many, but according to creator, Roel Vertegaal, the main upsides come with its size and durability. 

"One of the issues with smartphones is that they don't fit well in your pocket," said Vertegaal speaking with PC Mag. "When you drop them they break, they hold like bricks in your hand, they're not very lightweight, and most importantly their screen real estate is limited. What's cool about these screens is that you can unfold them."

Still a prototype with no plans of actual production, the PaperPhone will make its public debut on May 10 at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver. 

[via PC Mag]