Gossip website TMZ says that The Lovenator Arnold Schwarzenegger's soon-to-be ex-wife Maria Shriver was the one to leak word about BabyGate to the Los Angeles Times. When she and her unnamed friends found out that Arnie had done the Millie Diddle with longtime housekeeper Mildred Patty Baena and was the father of the maid's son, she went "hysterical" and wanted to call a news conference.

Instead, they hatched a plan and called Times reporter Robin Abcarian, who went on NBC's The Today Show to talk about breaking the love child story for the newspaper. Since then, Arnie has put all his projects on hold to focus on the impending divorce and losing half his worth. We know the saying goes that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," but for poor Maria Shriver, it seems that she has no problem finding an angel's shoulder to cry on. We see you, Bono!

[via TMZ]

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