Apple's phenomenal success under the stewardship of Steve Jobs is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the company routinely enjoys the fruits of the high profile iconoclast's one-of-a-kind mind. On the other, Apple faces mounting pressure to prove that it can not only exist, but flourish once that mind is no longer around.

To that end, Fortune is reporting that Apple has created something called Apple University at its Cupertino, California headquarters in order to help bring up the next generation of leaders. The tech giant has hired the former Dean of the Yale School of Management and a Harvard business professor to create the program's curriculum based on real-world Apple business scenarios. Courses in the program are offered to Apple junior executives and taught by the company's head honchos, including Chief Operating Officer and acting-CEO Tim Cook.

Steve Jobs remains on extended leave from the company due to health concerns. He maintains an advisory role and pops up every now and again like he did at the iPad 2 unveiling.

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