According to Christian Harold Camping, the Rapture begins tomorrow at 6 p.m. It starts with a series of massive earthquakes that will affect the entire globe. Around 3% of the world's population will be immediately raptured (can someone turn this into a regularly used slang term for something drug related?), meaning shuttled straight to heaven. Then we have till October before everyone else meets total annihilation.

But from tomorrow until October, things will be ugly. Tons of sinning as the individuals who don't immediately go to heaven realize that the whole shithouse is going up in flames, so to speak. Frankly, we're excited. If we all really only have five months left, do you know how much shit we're going to get into? Untold amounts of sex, drugs, looting, chaos, wild abandon.

To kick off these last five months on Earth, we bring you the 10 events to attend before the world ends. Have a great day!