In its quest to turn its fortunes around, AOL is trying to think like a brand new company. And in some ways, it is. 

The past months have seen the 28-year-old company completely revamp its business practices, acquire companions for outlandish amounts of cash, and provoke the ire of many past employees who couldn't get down with the new "AOL way". To help in its transformation, AOL has relocated itself to start-up land: Silicon Valley

Less than a mile from Facebook's digs, the Palo Alto, Calif. office is modeled to look more youthful than its stodgy public persona. Kara Swisher from the All Things D blog, BoomTown, recently swung through the new headquarters and was given a tour by former Yahoo! exec Brad Garlinghouse. 

Check out the video above. While not as a dope as Google's or Facebook's, as far as offices go, it's probably cooler than yours. 

[via All Things D]