Most movies about bank robberies deal with complicated heist schemes, followed by cat-and-mouse chase sequences between the criminals and the authorities. In German filmmaker Benjamin Heisenberg’s latest offering The Robber, however, the focus of the conflict is slightly different.

Instead of a conniving outlaw with ambitions of stacking riches, we’re introduced to Johann Rettenberger (played by Andreas Lust), a champion marathon runner who can’t resist the thrill of running, and, therefore, goes off on bank robberies, sometimes as many as three times a day.

Leading a double life as a serial bank robber is an injection of ecstasy for Rettenberger, a character based on a true Austrian criminal from the ‘80s named Johann Kastenberger. The trailer doesn't pan out in suave Hollywood fashion; it presents a balance of both eye-popping chase scenes and contemplative character exploration.

As expected, a major studio (Sony) snatched the rights for a possible remake. So before it gets distorted with Hollywood makeup, catch it at an indie film theater near you on April 29th.