Having an embarrassing relative sucks (no one ever loves having to apologize for their creepy-ass uncle). Having an embarrassing relative when you’re already under public scrutiny? Infinitely worse.

Just when audiences have finally let you off the hook for being overtly blazed during that interview, or for that other questionable behavior you questionably partook in with questionable Lohans, your idiot sibling decides it’s the perfect time to go ahead and threaten cops with their dog. Or at least that’s what happened to actor Terrence Howard, whose less-cared-about brother Antonio recently screwed the pooch and scored himself three to 23 months in prison. If only you could leash your relatives.

Inspired by Antonio Howard's criminal menacing, we give you our list honoring fucked-up celebrity brethren, who share blood—but clearly not smarts—with their A-list counterparts. After all, these black sheep could only be kept locked away in the basement for so long.

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