18. BE COOL (2005)

Starring: Andre Benjamin
Why it sucks: An all-out dreadful sequel to Get Shorty, the painful Be Cool sticks John Travolta’s Chili Palmer into the music industry for what’s supposed to be an acutely funny satire. It’s no This Is Spinal Tap, though; hell, it’s worse than UPN’s short-lived, Sticky Fingaz-led bomb Platinum.

One of the movie’s worst performances comes from Andre Benjamin. A wholly original artist and personality in real life, he’s an ignorantly drawn caricature of a gangsta rap type in Be Cool. You almost feel bad for the guy; he probably thought that acting alongside John Travolta and Harvey Keitel would up his Hollywood stock. But then you realize that Be Cool was yet another distraction away from a proper Andre 3000 solo rap album, and all sympathy wears off.