Director: Miguel Angel Vivas
Stars: Manuella Velles, Fernando Cayo, Ana Wagener, Xoel Yanez
Release Date: June 15
Why we’re excited: Every now and then, a foreign horror movie sneaks up on unsuspecting stateside genre heads, knocks audiences on their asses, and gives them yet another reason to decry Hollywood’s inability to really disturb the masses. In the same vein as 2007’s Inside and 2008’s Martyrs (both from France) comes the new Spanish white-knuckler Kidnapped, a home invasion pic we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. The verdict: It’s a cinematic death blow.

The set-up isn’t dissimilar from The Strangers and Funny Games: A crew of masked sociopaths breaks into a home, draws tons of blood, and generally ruins the family’s evening. In the hands of writer-director Miguel Angel Vivas, though, the plot’s “been there, seen that” quality is a non-factor. Kidnapped is comprised of only 12 shots, giving the movie a palpable sense of real-time action. Two split-screen sequences, with both sides of the screen showing edit-free tracking shots, are some of the best uses of the technique we’ve seen in years.

And then there’s that ending. Trust us, you’re going to need a Disney break once Kidnapped’s end credits roll. In a summer full of lighthearted comedies and glossy superhero flicks, Kidnapped is the utterly bleak alternative.