Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, Walton Goggins, Clancy Brown, Ana de la Reguera, Noah Ringer
Release Date: July 29
Why we’re excited: Not since Snakes On A Plane—or Hobo With A Shotgun, for that matter—has there been a movie with as to-the-point of a title as Cowboys & Aliens. Unlike Sam Jackson’s overhyped and overly shitty reptile romp, though, this pricey adaptation of Scott Michael Rosenberg’s 2008 graphic novel doesn’t mirror the indolence of its title.

For his first post-Iron Man flick, director Jon Favreau seems to have taken a big risk in Cowboys & Aliens. Sure, Daniel Craig has his Bond fans, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones mode should bring in the ’80’s babies, and a naked Olivia Wilde will always bring in the hetero dudes. But there’s no guarantee that audiences will get this seemingly dark hybrid of westerns and science fiction, two rather secular genres.

All of the footage released so far has impressed, however, and it’ll be refreshing to see a blockbuster derived from something other than a big-name comic book franchise or toy line. Cowboys & Aliens might be the summer’s biggest question mark, but it’s definitely one worth answering for ourselves.