5. VISITOR Q (2001)

Remember how controversial the footage of Snooki getting snuffed in the face on Jersey Shore was? That was a love tap compared to the physical exertions seen in Miike’s reality TV satire Visitor Q, arguably his most divisive movie. Some swear by its grotesque blend of comedy and macabre, while others swear it's a piece of trash. We lean more towards the former.

Visitor Q is basically about the world’s most dysfunctional family. Dad has sex with his loose-legged daughter, and mom, when she’s turning tricks for heroin money, gets beaten with blunt objects by their bullied teenage son. An equally vile stranger, called Visitor Q, enters their lives and somehow brings them closer together, but not before pops has intercourse with a corpse and mommy lactates all over the kitchen floor.

The craziest thing about Visitor Q is how damn fun it is to watch. Miike stages the endless succession of depravity as if it’s a Farrelly Brothers snuff film. Though, admitting to loving Visitor Q certainly says something not so flattering about a person. And, yes, we’re talking about ourselves.