Steve Wozniak loves Apple. Even though the legendary computer engineer, who built the Apple I and Apple II computers, hasn't worked there since 1987, the Woz always has good things to say about company he helped found. 

Case in point: When asked by Reuters if he would consider going back to Apple, Wozniak, who's still on the company's payroll, said "yeah". He went on to say that his knowledge of the industry, as well as Apple products, could be an asset: "There's just an awful lot I know about Apple products and competing products that has some relevance, some meaning". 

However, he did confess one slight gripe: "My thinking is that Apple could be more open and not lose sales," he told Reuters. However, he quickly added that he thought the world's most valuable technology company is doing just fine: "I'm sure they're making the right decisions for the right reasons for Apple."

[via Reuters