Moseley Park

1041 Millers Mill Road
Stockbridge, Ga. 30281

Pill: One of my favorite spots is The Park. Moseley Park, off Martin Luther King. Every Sunday when it gets hot, all the bikes come out, all the grills out, everybody barbecuing, it’s all fun and fellowship. Everybody is out having a great time. There’s a swimming pool, all the girls are swimming. Guys are riding dirtbikes.

“They tried to shut it down and I think it just started back up. [It got] too hectic. You couldn’t come down Martin Luther King, it was that big of a deal. It was a tremendous amount of people. To the point where you couldn’t even get through traffic. The police started to close it down cause with any great event like that there’s gonna be a little trouble. Incident may happen, once or twice. Kinda put the pressure on closing it.

“But it’s one of my favorite places. I used to go there and play football as a kid. It’s a staple in the city that’s been here for years. And it’s gonna be there for years to come. It’s always gonna be a landmark for the Westside. A lot of videos have been shot there.”