The AU Center

440 Westview Drive Southwest
Atlanta, Ga. 30310

Pill: “Another spot I like to go to is the AU Center because it’s very cultural. It’s an HBCU. You got Clark, you got Morehouse, you got Spelman. The girls are up there too. You can go up there and see what the kids are doing, what music they’re listening to.It’s so cultural, it’s so diverse. So many different area codes. It’s a melting pot when it comes to historically black colleges.

“The AU Center is where all America comes to go to school when it comes to for HBCUs. In Menace II Society at the end, they like, ‘I’m leaving to go to Atlanta to go to Clark University.’ So many people have came through there like in A Different World and The Cosby Show, that’s where the kids went.

“I didn’t go to college but I used to be over there. I’d sneak into a few classes. I went to political science classes, literature classes. I basically went to three different colleges. People have been at my shows and been like, ‘You went to Clark, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah, I just used to be up there.’ I used to be borrowing those kids’ books and learning.

“I kinda got a college education. I didn’t take the tests, but a lot of my friends would call me to have me help them with projects. I helped a lot of them pass their courses. I could give you numbers and names for you to call them and ask them if I wrote their papers. [But I didn’t go to college because] I got into the streets and I got into music.”