Peter and Bobby Farrelly are scheduled to start filming The Three Stooges in a couple weeks, but they still haven't locked down a third lead. Luckily for Chris Diamantopoulos (seen on Fox's 24), he has risen to the top of the pack as the leading choice to play Moe in the slapstick comedy film.

20th Century Fox and the directing duo have narrowed down their choices after meeting thousands of candidates to play the aggressive, take-charge leader of the Stooges. If Diamantopoulos wins the job, he'll join Sean Hayes as Larry Fine and Will Sasso as Curly Howard.

The Farrelly's want this cast of stooges to be more than imitations—they want the cast to really be the Stooges. In a quote found on /Film, they said:

This isn’t a Farrelly version of The Three Stooges. This is The Three Stooges. And, it’s not a biopic, by the way. We’ve written three new episodes. The movie is actually three episodes that go back to back to back. Each one picks up where the other one left off. We want you to look at it and say, “It’s Mo, Larry and Curly!,” so we have very high standards on this route.

The Three Stooges barrels its way into theaters sometime in 2012.

[Via Deadline]

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