AKG 830 BT Headphones ($249.99)

It's no secret that the iconic white headphones provided with iProducts are less than savory. In fact, they’re as good as gone within a year. You can go with higher-end wired headphones, but take a good look at some of the Bluetooth headphones out on the market. AKG, a company well established in the personal audio industry, has taken a step into the wireless space with their new AKG 830 Bluetooth headset. They offer above average quality audio for wireless cans (which often experience interference due to operating on a simliar frequency to other wireless devices), and fit comfortably on your ears, with easy access to built-in volume and playback controls that work flawlessly with the iPad 2. One drawback is the price, which is on the high end for similarly spec-ed devices, so it may be just about time to visit that rich uncle you’ve been meaning to see.