Recent pre-order stats are leading to some crazy sales projections for upcoming titles.  Both Brink (214K preorders) and L.A. Noire (191K) have sizeable numbers as they near their release dates in May. But it’s Gears of War 3 that appears to be heading for the record books. With 22 weeks left until release, Epic Game’s baby has 448K pre-orders!

To put that in perspective, Call of Duty: Black Ops had 78K pre-orders at the same point in its cycle—then went on to be the top-selling game of all time with over 12 million copies sold. To extrapolate, that means Gears 3 is looking at...70 MILLION COPIES SOLD! Regardless, it looks like allowing pre-order buyers early access to your online beta really pays off. Check out the source link for other games putting up colossal pre-order stats. [via VGChartz]

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