Crazy, Stupid, Love looks like a gentle comedy/drama that’s worth watching on a lazy weekend. A regular 40-something-year-old salary man, Cal (Steve Carell), lives a normal life until he finds out his high school sweetheart/wife (Julianne Moore) cheated on him, and that she wants a divorce. This is when Hitch-like ladies man Jacob (Ryan Gosling) enters the scene and remolds Cal into a loverboy. During the process, Jacob falls in love with a cutie played by Emma Stone. And in the meantime, Cal’s son (Jonah Bobo) has a crush on his babysitter, Jessica (Analeigh Tipton), who strangely has a thing for Cal. Got all of that?

Despite the complicated love issues, the trailer hints that everything unfolds properly in the end. Unless there’s a sad plot twist we don’t usually expect from Hollywood films, which we hope isn't the case. The film's directors, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, can certainly handle tonal shifts, having directed the multifaceted comedies Bad Santa and I Love You Phillip Morris.

If the plot doesn’t sell it for you, just check out the acting talent on hand. Moore fits perfectly with her middle-aged role, while Carell’s slightly awkward and gloomy traits seem too real. The usually serious Gosling shows off some comedic chops, and Stone doesn’t even look like she’s trying (in a good way).

Aside from all the 3D craze and explosions we’ll be seeing on screen this summer, here is a dramedy we’re looking forward to catching on July 29th.