Hollywood seems to have a shortage of original ideas, so it’s become the trend du jour to reboot. And reboot again. And then reboot some more.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, originally a 1947 movie based on a 1939 short story published in The New Yorker, is the latest old movie to get the modern treatment. After a lengthy pre-production process (the first script was dumped and the screenwriter was replaced with the dude who wrote The Pursuit of Happyness, Steve Conrad), it may finally be ready to get up and running.

The movie, if you’re not familiar, follows the story of, obviously, an man named Walter Mitty, who daydreams while working his job as editor at a publishing company. Ben Stiller is in talks to star as Walter, a role that has previously had star power like Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell attached to it.

Of course, don’t get your hopes up too much yet—Stiller is still just “in talks,” after all. But, in Hollywood speak, that generally means it’s nearly a done deal. If all goes well, the film should begin shooting in late fall.

[Via Deadline]