Lyric: "I put the key in the ignition and enter the pole position / To outrun the competition on this expedition / To the crystal castle, I can't stay put / A millipede wants to feed on the back of my foot.... So I slide a token down the slot and press Player 1 / to be the slayer in the dragon's lair, tappin' my thumbs / Against the buttons, joystick in hand to command the missiles / Top score once more I enter my initials / Eyein' a lion without becoming his lunch / Isn't easy in a pitfall on a jungle hunt / I set out to get out but cement shoes lack traction / So this time I'll climb with some elevator action" (Dizzy Dustin)

So maybe Ugly Duckling is kinda joke-rap (though their debut Fresh Mode EP was kinda...fresh), but this verse is a paean to retro gaming and must be respected as such. Eight games in one verse? At that point, it could be Al Roker rapping and we'd have to prop it. Which reminds us: Al Roker should totally rap.

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