Complex Says: And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the equivalent of a movie trailer—only this time it's playable. The opening moments of Enslaved serve to get us intrgued about the plight of our trapped friend who seemed to be taken hostage on a ship. As soon as he breaks free, the fun really began. And Monkey is, quite simply, a beast. Dude wields a metal staff that makes robotic enemies bend to his will and the type of parkour skills seen in an action flick. The final escape sequence was full of drama that were sad to see end when the demo was done. Great work, Ninja Theory.
Demo Score: 95
Did The Full Game Live Up To The Hype?: Kiiiinda. The game turned out to be a fun romp through beautiful environments and a fulfilling adventure with lots of action. We actually gave a damn about the characters in a video game for once. But, the game was a too short, plus the ending had us all types of confused. This game had so much potential that even when it ultimately let us down, it was still a more than serviceable action-adventure title.