All this Charlie Sheen stuff has been fun (in a "Let's watch video of the Hidenburg explode!" sort of way), but if this very public meltdown starts messing around with Parks and Recreation, there are going to be some fisticuffs.

According to TMZ, Chuck Lorre and the Two and a Half Men producers are meeting to discuss possible replacements for Ma-Sheen, and one of the names on the top of the list belongs to Rob Lowe. Yes, the same Rob Lowe who currently stars (and slays weekly) on Parks and Recreation. Lowe, a former bad boy, is thought to be perfect for the show, this despite the fact that he seems far too intelligent and aloof to play to the Middle American audience that Two and a Half Men would call its bread and butter.

Still, Lowe would be ideal, if only because he's Rob Lowe, and thus a big enough star to replace Sheen. Which begs the question: What would happen to Parks and Rec were Lowe to jump ship? Would the already precariously balanced on the bubble show simply pop? Or could it carry on without one of its biggest stars? From a creative standpoint, definitely; from a ratings standpoint, not likely.

Considering it's still a rumor at this point, there's no need to send letters of outrage to Pawnee. But keep a Word document open just in case.