The new iPad 2 is a marvel of design and technological wizardry. It's slimmer, lighter, and faster than its predecessor. It would really be unfortunate if you were to buy one and have it befall some terrible tragedy like, say, having its screen scratched while being toted in your backpack. To circumvent that and other possible knicks and knacks, you should get a case. 

If protection isn't high on your list of priorities, you should know that a good case does more than safeguard your tech. A case can allow you to use your iPad in a host of different ways. Say you're going on a cross-country flight and want to watch The Social Network on your iPad 2. You're not going to hold it up for two hours, are you? Hell no. You get a case that can double as a stand, prop it up on that little tray table and relax. To help you pick one, we did some research and gathered the 10 Best iPad 2 Cases available so far.