Magic Hat, Vermont's premier brewery, consistently puts out exciting seasonals and small-run brews. For spring they're trotting out a new, limited-edition black I.P.A. called Demo. A typical I.P.A. pours out the color of straw, but a black I.P.A. is just that: black, the color of coffee in want of cream. The chocolate malts mellow out the hops, giving Demo a mild but still rich flavor. The carbonation is light, letting the dark, roasted flavor settle into the tastebuds. At 6% ABV, Demo is no slouch but too many and you might be slouched down to the floor. Even if you don't typically drink I.P.A.'s, Demo still deserves a look. Its flavor is unmistakably hoppy but without the biting bitterness that screws up the faces of I.P.A. non-fans. Give it a shot—you may find yourself graduating to Dogfish Head 90 Minute in no time.

Magic Hat Brewing Company

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